So how did Rare Pearl Design become to exist? Well, it begins back in 1997 around the time the Internet was just really getting going and I was in my 2nd year of university. I was already studying Computer Science for my Bachelors degree at the University of New Brunswick and was eyeballs deep into programming, mathematics, and computing theory and yet still taking time out of my busy student life to tinker with HTML and Javascript whenever I could. Of course, back then making websites work in multiple browsers was even more complicated then the challenges we face today and Geocities was the host of choice. I started working more and more for coop terms and really become knowledgeable in various web application frameworks, development methodologies, and programming languages and eventually put in 10 years working my way up the ladders of companies from programmer to today as a lead solutions architect.

After a decade of doing complex design and development work, and shouldering much of the responsibility for it I found myself craving an outlet. I found myself becoming once again interested and passionate about the creative design process and begun studying as much as I could about the latest and greatest, following the industry leaders, viewing every designers portfolio and showcase entry I could get my hands on. I was understanding why designers did things the way they did, not just copying the style. I was learning how the use of color, shading, typography, navigation, and content organization played a major role in making a website successful.

In late 2007 I decided that there was a serious quality difference in Canadian, and especially Atlantic, business websites compared to those found in major American cities and I really believed I could help. Teamed up with my wife who is a mature student at Dalhousie University studying Computer Science, and a few selected peers I worked with over the years, we freelance to fill our technology gap in the Maritimes.

What we determined to provide..

  • We will provide the highest quality website development for individual or small business needs at very affordable prices.
  • We won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need nor try to confuse you with jargon.
  • We will always recommend you solutions that will make you a leader among your competitors, and tell you why.
  • We will be fair and respond to your needs promptly and professionally.
  • We believe we are helping our community by providing the best service and quality available every single project and put our heart and soul into it.

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